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Well here it is kittens... "Writing On The Wall"  Our  tribute to the cacophony of human drama in the world of social media. We love it, we loath it, and can't seem to live without it 

Here is our NEW VIDEO "WORLD GONE MAD" which addresses the complete insanity in which our world has allowed itself to succumb to. Give it a view if you would.

SE7EN REASONS WHY is STOKED to have been chosen for the "BEST MULTI- GENRE BANDS" and "BEST FRONT MEN" categories in ROCKwell UnScene Magazine's "BEST OF 2016 ISSUE" This is such an honor considering the company we keep in these categories. Thank you Wes, Mischievous Mel and everyone at ROCKwell UnScene Magazine for this amazing honor. -Photo by:Fabienphoto. Issue now on sale at

SE7EN REASONS WHY is very proud to announce our upcoming EP project with Elumines Music Group's CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Priscilla Pesci along with producer extraordinaire and SENIOR VP OF A&R AND MUSIC PRODUCTION Tommy Coster. STAY TUNED!

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